Smart Web Software Developer

Smart Web Software DeveloperSmart Web Software Developer

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Kind of Software we Develop

Smart Shopping Web Portals

Social Networking Solutions to Companies and Universities

Customized Search Engine  

Email and Cloud Storage

Human Resource Management Software

Digital Marketing Software

Complete Health Care Software Design

Data Center Software

Smart SWOT Analysis and Decision Making  Software

Astrology and Prediction Software

Casino Software 

Online Game Development

Animation Support and Development 

Temple Management Software

Sports Software

Printing  Software

Journal Submission, Storage and Web Based Retrieval Software

E-Paper and E-Magazine Software

Telecommunication Software

DTH and Live Streaming Software

Smart Electric Grid and Home Automation Software

Water Management Solutions Software

Film and Television Software

Embedded Systems and IoT Software


Ambient Intelligence 

Machine Vision

Touch Commerce

Smart Speakers


Speech Recognition 

Subvocal Recognition  

Next Generation Operating Systems

Self Driving Systems and Traffic Management

Electric Vehicle (EV) and Battery Testing Software 

Pollution and Climate Monitoring Software

Artificial Intelligence Software into Scientific Instruments


Aviation and  Road Transportation Software

Metro Train Software

Integrated Bus Passenger Software

RFID Software

Biomedical and Diagnostics Software 

Data Mining and Analytics Software

Banking  Software

Finance and Accounting Software

Payment Solutions

Block Chain

Real Estate Software

Cognitive Technology and Artificial Brain Research Software

Cognitive Radio

Genomics Software

Optical Computing 

Quantum Computing and Cryptography Software 

Drug Design Software

University, College and School Management Software with Interactive Classrooms

E-Learning Software

Chatting  Software and Bots

Visual Assistants

Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Mixed Reality (MR)


Robotic Software and Automation

Agricultural Robots

Cloud Computing

Edge Computing

Big Data 

Elegant Website Design and Content Writing along with LinkedIn, Facebook Profile 

Please inquire us about custom software development according  to your needs

Software Under Development 

Wi Fi enabled calling and receiving through SIM Card ( IoT device on different operating systems with ANVY  Mobile Tablet Brand ).

Nano Chat ( Secured Data Communication system )

Nano Kids ( Talent Grooming Software,  )

Operating System Under Development : Cold Steel AI OS from Rakesh Voggu and **** *****

Browser only OS with Office Suite ( Mobile, Tablet and Computer ). Phone dial also in browser.  No  installed Apps  and Programs.


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Experts in cyber security, super computing, block chain, low-code development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, big data and data mining along with modern database management techniques.


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We use Resilient Software Design, Reactive Programming,  Agile Management  Methodologies and Open Source Development. 



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We offer cyber secure  software in which no other company can match.

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"Develops software by agile methods and they are elegant at developing interior design for our shopping web portal "



"This company worked closely with me throughout the entire process. I loved the final product and can't wait to use this company in the future!"


John Smith

"I had a few concerns before working with this company. Customer service was beyond helpful in answering all of my questions. I'm so glad I went with them, my product looks great!"